Lotus Notes 8.5.3 FP2IF2 がリリースされました


Lotus Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2 Interim Fix 2 がリリースされています。

AIKE8SZCQC: Garbage characters appear for the first line of the DBCS internet mail is not being decoded
XXFF8WYC4E: DBCS characters display incorrectly when imported into Notes
JTHN8PGSWS: Wrong message is deleted after accepting invite when using IBM categorized view with ascending sort order
SNES8WZPEZ: Error "Unable To Open Calendar For CN=Firstname Lastname/O=orgname" when trying to open delegated mail file (technote 1607928)

YZLN8Y8D6K: XPD needs to copy PathUpdateTool to xpdcoreinstaller.zip , in order to be picked up by Notes build
YZLN8XVE48: XPD Fix Pack installer on Mac needs support Notes renaming on 10.8
PBAO8SFPD4: When using Lotus Notes 8.5.3 preferences very often screen disappears in the background
BLGH8W5FS7: Require Ability to add Search UI extension to com.ibm.rcp.search.ui.internal.views.SearchView
RMAN8WJKK5: Prompt For Username And Password For A Proxy When Downloading Images From A Mime Mail
RBYE8VBEJT: Sonian SSO in Notes client does not work unless user has previously authenticated themselves to SmartCloud
ZWUU8SD64A: Notes hang when switching between Rich Text Editor Tabs
MMGO8WG68F: Uninstall 852_FP popup an error message
JMAS7TRNLN: Notes client not enforcing SSO token options
CLUG8VLSBA: Sametime awareness sometimes out of sync on the embedded bizcard
MZNU8TRBHK: Notes may not launch any more on linux after first launch&exit
PBAO8JMRMF: Unexpected Notes client shutdown during first Setup
ZSQN8WL65J: Sametime causes Notes 8.5.3 hang at startup (technote 1609409)
MXMX8V68RM: Send As Email populates contents of different chats into email
JMEA8PARKJ: Notes Client Sending Garbled Messages After Cisco Voicemail Plugin Is Installed And Configured